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Top Tips

When you book in for your Portrait, Sarah will talk you through the entire process & offer advice on how to make the most of your visit.  We want you to be excited about your Portrait & have a fabulous time!

What to bring:

  • Your voucher, if you booked with one.

  • An outfit change is a good idea as it adds variety to your images, but it is not essential.

  • Props are a great idea to add some extra fun and that personal touch to your session, but again not essential.

  • Some favourite toys for your little children, anything that will create a lovely memory or look cute.

  • If you're bringing your dog then their favourite treats, toys and of course their lead.


We hope that your Family Portrait will be hanging on your wall for years to come, you want it to be timeless & represent YOU as a family, so thinking about what to wear before you visit us can make all the difference.  The most important thing is to make sure everyone feels comfortable & confident in what they are wearing.

  • COLOURS - If you like the idea of all wearing the same colour, choose outfits that contain different shades of that colour so that it creates a bit of depth & interest.  Alternatively, go for contrasting colours that match to add some vibrancy and interest.

  • WHITE - Many images are taken on our white background so white clothing often doesn't stand out well, colours work best, but if you aspire to an all-white-outfit shoot just let us know as we have alternative backgrounds.

  • PATTERNS - These can look great but we'd recommend balancing them with plain clothing too, too many different patterns will make your portrait look too busy & confusing

  • BIG LOGOS & SPORTSWEAR - These are best avoided in Family Portraits as they can be distracting and date too quickly, however if you want images in your team's shirts then just bring them along for a quick change, it will add to the variety & experience

  • ACCESSORIES - these can be used to add some glamour,  variety and fun... think hats, bags, jewellery etc

  • FEET - Don't forget these! Even though they will not appear in all images taken, they do stand out a lot in many that are, so make sure your shoes & soles are clean and your socks match. There's the option of barefoot too, which looks particularly cute with young children.

And finally,  think about your home decor.  What colours will fit in with the room you see your Family Portrait being displayed?

Decision Making:

  • Your Photographer, David, will guide you through the entire shoot, however if you have any specific images, poses or ideas then just ask.

  • You do not have to make any image decisions on the day of your Portrait, this is all done when you return for your Viewing Appointment.  This will be booked at the end of your shoot so don't forget your diary!

  • David will show you our Gallery & Products at the end of your shoot too & you will be given a Viewing Guide.  This will help you when you return home as it is then when the decisions on your Portrait really start... which room, what size, how many?

  • If you're unsure on size please measure up before you return to see us, it really helps!

  • You only have the one Viewing Appointment with us so make sure all decision makers are there.

  • David will help you every step of the way in choosing your images & the best way to display them.  With his help we can ensure you choose well & are 100% happy with your purchase.

  • Please note that payment is required upon order on the day.

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